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Fort Wayne Readers' Choice Award Winner
The Professor, Charlie Chapman, has been an avid health advocate, body builder, and Master Certified Professional Trainer for many years. He has been certified with Parrillo Corporation and certified in nutrition through AFPA. He is the only certified muscle skeletal specialist in Fort Wayne and Allen County and is a Master Medical Massage Therapist.

The Professor is an award-winning professional you can trust, and has won the 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 & 2014 Readers' Choice awards in Fort Wayne for being:

Ft. Wayne's Best Exercise Facility
Ft. Wayne's Best Massage Therapist
Ft. Wayne's Best Wellness Spa

Among Charlie's personal achievements, he holds a title as runner-up in the '02 Blue Grass Classic Body Building Competition and was a national qualifier in the National Physique Competition.

Professor Wellness & Fitness Center, however, is not just for those involved in the competitive sport of body building. Far from it. In fact, the Professor's current clientele include individuals of all ages with a wide variety of health requirements and limitations. He takes great pride in working with those wanting to simply achieve a better quality of health and fitness. In addition, the Professor is also a certified licensed medical massage therapist having received his certification from the Freedom of Pain Institute of Oklahoma and the LMT Success Group. Charlie is a certified spin instructor as well.

Personal Training Gym Ft. Wayne, IN
The Professor Wellness & Fitness Center offers a private, fully equipped professional gym with all the equipment and guidance you need to accomplish your fitness goals.
Through nutrition, weight resistance training, aerobic exercise and massage he has assisted hundreds of clients experience greater health, strength and stamina.