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"OK, so I'm amazed at the difference in me, thanks to you, Charles Chapman. When I walked in to your treatment center, my right hip had increasingly hurt for the past year and a half. My lower back has been a problem for forty years. My neck was giving me grief. A one hour session of manipulation and massage and I am feeling soooo much better."

"Charlie explained what was causing each problem as he went along. After a thousand dollars over the past few months of traditional medical doctor approaches and physical therapy, with no relief, in one hour he gave me back youthful mobility. I refused to give up on repossessing that, but did not know where I would find help. Being in my mid-seventies leaves many years of active life, enjoying everyone and everything in it. Good health is a bridge there and I now know who to see for that. Thank you."  – Jerry Seifert

"Thank you for ALL that you do to help Marcia and the people of Fort Wayne. They are lucky to have such a great facility/team in their area." – Teresina Goheen

"I have had massages from Charlie Chapman since 2001. Charlie is professional and respectful. He has extensive knowledge in regards to massage. He know how to treat muscle problems. Charlie knows the insertions points of muscles and the different aspects of how to treat different conditions. He uses a variety of approaches to help the mind and body to relax and heal. I would recommend Charlie to anyone who wants a massage, whether it is for relaxation or for restructuring of the muscles. Charlie has helped me numerous times and I have referred patients to Charlie seeking his professional ability." – Kathren Bunt, Licensed Acupuncturist in Indiana & Ohio

"I suffered a dislocated right elbow due to a bicycle accident and was prescribed physical therapy by Orthopedics Northeast. After three appointments with my physical therapist, I felt that PT alone was not improving my range of motion or the healing of my elbow. I began treatments with Charlie for my elbow. After one visit, my range of motion increased dramatically! I continued with my weekly massage treatments for a couple of months and was then able to adde weights to improve the strength of my elbow."

"I also have an daughter, Elizabeth who was born with Scoliosis. She began massage therapy and received weekly treatments from Charlie, as prescribed by her doctors at Riley Children's Hospital. To their amazement, she didn't require any surgery to correct the curvature of her back. The massage therapy given by Charlie has kept her back at a 42% curvature. Per Dr Bellflower at Riley, he feels that the massage therapy Elizabeth received not only saved her back from surgery, but kept her back pain to a minimum."
Cammie Outman

"The workouts at Professor Wellness & Fitness Center provide you with a well-rounded fitness program. You will grow stronger in many ways. Of course, you only get out of it what you put into it."

"The massages are great and will keep you loose and flexible. The atmosphere in the workout center is relaxed and everyone "adopts" you into the fitness family." – Mark Sheafer

"I have been having deep tissue massages biweekly to help relieve pain in my lower back and residual neurological issues that resulted from back surgery performed in 2010. Charlie has helped alleviate the pain and make my body have greater range of motion. I would recommend Professor Wellness to anyone needing deep tissue massage for a wide range of medical issues." – Stephen Mentzer

Top 10 Reasons I love Professor Wellness & Fitness by Jayne Sheafer

10. Flexible training schedule

9. Continually modified workouts to meet changing fitness needs

8. Classes on healthy food choices and meal prep

7. Nutrition/weight loss advice

6. Availability of top-tier supplements

5. All members are supportive of one another—not competitive

4. Trainers push to make you stronger, keeping your individual goals and abilities in mind

3. Facility is small enough not to be intimidating, but large enough to meet each individuals needs

2. Best Medical Massage in the state!! Charlie can isolate problem areas and correct any issue

1. The trainers are dedicated to helping you become the strongest, healthiest person you can be!

"Charlie has always helped me out when I have back and neck problems. His massages are second to none! I have had severe neck pain and lower back problems for many years. He has relieved me greatly of those symptoms. I would recommend Professor Wellness & Fitness to anyone looking to get in shape and also for anyone needing a great massage!"Mike McAllister

"I have traveled the world and by far Charlie is the BEST for Medical Massage. He is in tune with what is going on in your body, a true gift. My back is the happiest when combining work outs with massages!"
Patty Jeffers

"Been dealing with pain in the hip for a month. I saw a Chiropractor and a MD. The chiropractor made it worse and the doctors just gave me medication to numb the pain. After one session, Charlie took half of my pain away. Following his at-home instructions, I am so much better! Charlie is incredible at what he does. If I have any more trouble again, I will see him first!"
Steven Franks

"Best massage I have ever had! I feel great! Will definitely be back! :)" – Lori Faurote

"Charlie has been giving me massages since 2003. He is the best massage therapist I ever had! The deep muscle massage has been extremely therapeutic. I have recommended him to everyone I know." – Debra Runkle

"I had been looking for an exercise program for some time and nothing worked. Got a free chair massage at a trade show and was sold. Signed up for a year and love it! Trainers are with you, encouraging you and helping you each step of the way. I am making a lifestyle change with diet and exercise to control my weight, pain and diabetes." – Denise Chavarria

"I came to Charlie by recommendation of my husband...and sure glad I did! Prior to meeting Charlie, I had constant neck and upper back pain, which I believe is from my job as a CT tech. I constantly lift, pull, push patients and it takes an uncomfortable toll on my body. After having massage treatments, plus doing workouts, I have noticed a tremendous improvement, not only for pain, but also my overall health. Thank you, Charlie and Alex for all you do!!" – Lisa Lawson

"I began with Professor Wellness & Fitness approximately 2 years ago after the birth of my second baby. I was determined to lose baby weight quickly and stop paying for personal training because I believed I could work out and stay fit on my own and that I shouldn't be “wasting” money on what I fondly referred to as a "workout babysitter."

"I took advantage of the free initial training session they offered and quickly became addicted. I love the accountability of a standing appointment and support from my PWFC family. Exercise has become a way of life for not only me, but my husband and children. We have saved countless dollars on medical bills because of our healthier lifestyle and we love our workouts. I love not being sick and having to miss work at least three times a year and more importantly, love the example I am setting for my family and friends."

"Charlie has taught me so much about living a healthy lifestyle. I use to believe in “calories in, calories out” as a form of weight loss, but eventually figured out that way of eating was not working for me. Charlie taught me that not all calories are created equal and I realized that refined sugar is my vice. It took me about a year, but I decided to quit sugar and have noticed a major difference. With Charlie's advice and Mary's recipes, I have changed the way my family and I eat. I no longer have the cravings I used to have for junk food and feel great! I began my journey four sizes larger, which has been a great result of my new lifestyle, but more importantly, I sleep better and have more energy!"

"Charlie has helped me grow as a person, friend and Christian. He, Mary and Alex have adopted my family as part of their own and have made our lives better."
Alisha Smith